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Langley Photo Lab

Passport & ID Photo

Citizenship, VISA & other ID photos in Coquitlam, BC

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Canvas Wrapping


In a nutshell:
we do it all.

We exclusively print on archival quality, acid-free press paper, which means the integrity of your photos will remain intact for long time. 

Our canvas are with 400gsm canvas matte photo paper, stretched onto a 1.75″ wood framing, manufactured 100% Canadian, from British Columbia.

Vancouver Photo Lab run our quality canvas with industry top equipment to ensure your prints last. With orders inspected thoroughly, rest assured, they will make you happy!

Ellipse 23
Thin Wooden Frame

– 0.75” (1.9 CM)

During the production process of our thin canvas frames, we use 0.75 Inch-thick stretcher bars made from the highest-quality spruce wood, selected from the best forests to produce only the finest canvases for Canada.

Ellipse 23
Thick Wooden Frame

– 1.75” (4.4 CM)

The thick wooden frame will give you that true gallery ambience while also increasing the durability of your canvas. Large-format canvas prints are an even more impressive way to display your beloved photo.

Optional Metal & Wood Framing

Elevate your wall decor with our metal floater frames, made out of sleek metal from Canada, our frames will add character to your canvas by covering the edges with a polished surface.  Made out of Canadian Ashwood, these wooden frames add a rustic and homie touch to your canvas. Great with lifting a home with accents of the country. Comes available in Black, Silver & White.

family album
family album

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